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How Vera Works

Radical transparency. That's how we work at Vera. We're here to streamline the path to Short-Term Medical coverage by giving you the freedom and confidence to choose the best plan for your lifestyle. No mysteries. No fluff. No hassle.


Telemedicine Services

As a member of the LIFE Association, you get access to convenient 24/7 phone access to licensed doctors who can treat and diagnose common illnesses.

Doctor Visits

Subject to deductible and coinsurance

*In Florida, our plans offer a $50 benefit for your first doctor visit. Subsequent visits apply to deductible and coinsurance.

Urgent Care

Unlimited visits. You pay $50 per visit; your medical deductible is waived and remaining expenses apply to coinsurance.

*Urgent Care is defined as a medical facility providing immediate, non-routine urgent care for an injury or sickness treated on a walk-in basis.

Emergency Room Care

Unlimited visits. Subject to an additional $250 access fee unless admitted to a hospital; costs apply to deductible and coinsurance.

Ambulance Services

Unlimited ground trips. Maximum benefit of $250 per trip.

Some Out-of-Network Coverage

Even if your primary care physician is out of the Aetna network, we still pay benefits for out-of-network services. Therefore, Vera may still be the best health insurance option for you.

Today, there is no penalty for using out-of-network facilities, but you will not receive the same discounts as provided by in-network facilities. 

Find a Doctor

Choose your doctor from more than 690,000 primary care doctors and specialists across 5,700 hospitals in the Aetna Open Choice® PPO Network.

Find a provider at

Is Short-Term Medical Right for You?

Short-Term Medical insurance isn’t for everyone. Find out what it covers and what it doesn’t.

Pays benefits for:

Doctor visits, urgent care, ambulance service and emergency room care

Some diagnostic testing, mammograms, cancer testing, radiation therapy and chemotherapy

Surgery, inpatient/outpatient hospital benefits and hospital confinement benefits

Physical therapy, skilled nursing facility benefits and home health care

Child immunizations, transplant benefits and more

Not covered:

Outpatient prescription medications, eyeglass prescriptions and vision therapy

Normal pregnancy or diagnosis and treatment of infertility

Any medical expenses resulting from pre-existing conditions

For more in-depth coverage details, please see our full list of limitations and exclusions.

    Vera Health Insurance
    ACA Health Insurance
  • stethoscope
    Doctor Visits, Urgent Care, and Ambulance Services
    Vera Health Insurance
    ACA Health Insurance
  • emergency room
    Emergency Room Care
    Vera Health Insurance
    ACA Health Insurance
  • hospital
    Hospitalization Coverage
    Vera Health Insurance
    ACA Health Insurance
  • pregnancy
    Maternity Care
    Vera Health Insurance:
    Pregnancy not covered, except for complications. Newborn care limited.
    ACA Health Insurance
  • mental health
    Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse Services
    Vera Health Insurance
    ACA Health Insurance
  • prescription drugs
    Outpatient Prescription Drug Coverage
    Vera Health Insurance
    ACA Health Insurance
  • rehabilitation services
    Rehabilitation Services and Habilitative Devices
    Vera Health Insurance
    ACA Health Insurance
  • lab services
    Laboratory Services and Tests
    Vera Health Insurance
    ACA Health Insurance
  • preventative care
    Preventative Care
    Vera Health Insurance:
    Limited to no coverage depending on your plan.
    ACA Health Insurance
  • pediatric care
    Pediatric Care
    Vera Health Insurance:
    No coverage unless mandated by your state.
    ACA Health Insurance