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Choosing the right doctor for your medical needs is a very personal choice. Vera Health can help you find the right physician by providing you with access to the Aetna Open Choice® PPO network, which includes an extensive selection of providers.

Vera Find a Doctor

Search for Network Providers

Are you looking for a doctor? The most affordable way to use your short-term health benefits for doctor visits is to choose a provider from the Aetna Open Choice PPO network, where you can choose from over 690,000 primary care doctors and specialists.

If you have relationships with current providers that you wish to continue, visit to find out if they are in the Aetna Open Choice PPO network. Keep in mind that short-term health insurance plans purchased through Vera provide some out-of-network coverage. Plans still pay benefits for covered out-of-network medical services. However, out-of-network benefits are not always the same as in-network benefits, and network discounts will not be applied. Therefore, you will pay more to visit providers outside of the Aetna Open Choice PPO network with a short-term health insurance plan from Vera Health.

  • Health insurance your way! Pay for the coverage you need, not the coverage you don’t.